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Last updated on 8th March 2002


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This dictionary has been produced on behalf of the Derby and District Astronomical Society. The webmaster is Kevin Woodward and a significant number of contributions have been gratefully received from Rich Smith - former webmaster of the main DDAS site. The Derby and District Astronomical Society meets on the first Friday of the month at the Friends Meeting House, St Helen's Street, Derby. At these meetings, we have a variety of speakers who give talks to suit all levels and interests from beginner to old hand. From time to time, our own members give short (or longer if given the opportunity) talks. These meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. In between these, we have regular observing meetings scheduled. These are usually at members houses, with the middle one scheduled for our observatory. The latter is named the Flamsteed Observatory in honour of "local boy come good" John Flamsteed. It houses a 10" Newtonian Reflecting telescope that is motor driven. There is also a simple CCD camera that can be used for guiding the telescope or observing brighter objects in real time. We put on public observing sessions from time to time, usually in Markeaton Park in Derby - OK so we suffer from a lot of light pollution but at least we are achieving one of our aims - that is to bring astronomy to the general public.

Best wishes from the Derby and District Astronomical Society, we hope you find this dictionary useful and interesting.